Fun Stuff to do at Animal Helpline Wansford Dogshow

Fun Stuff at the Animal Helpline Dog Rescue Fun Dog Show on 29 August with Gorgeous Gem and & her delightful owner Rosy.

DNA competition! Guess and Win fabulous prizes! The competition will be held at the Dog Show.

Message from Rosy:
This is Gemma our lovely lurcher rescued by Ros and Animal Helpline and adopted by us in April.
In fact we came to the shelter to see another dog, but beautiful Gem won us over with her gentle nature and perfect manners – as you can see she was painfully thin but is putting on weight now although being a lurcher she just loves to run (and play with a ball, and swim too). She’s so laid back she comes everywhere with us and takes everything in her stride – we just love her. All the money we raise is going to Animal Helpline to help them build new outdoor play kennels for the other dogs like Gem waiting for owners to adopt them. DNA7


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