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Doggie Fun at the Animal Helpline Dog Show

Wansford Fun Dog Show on 29 August.

Doggies are invited to take part in various classes and Humans of all ages are invited to enjoy a day talking about dogs, getting useful tips about your dogs and enjoying a relaxed day surrounded by lots of dogs!playpen-with-logo

All money raised at the show will go towards helping dogs in rescue kennels and building a playpen for them.
We hope to see you there!


Calling all dog lovers!

Hey everyone.
On Saturday the 29th of August we will be attempting to beat the world record of the most t-shirts worn at once which is currently 274. We will be attempting this at the animal helpline dog show between 12 and 3pm which is held at the Haycock hotel in Wansford just outside Peterborough. There will be stalls and games for all dogs and plenty for the kids from face painting to ice creams so if you are in the area please come along toshow your support.
The reason we are attempting to beat this world record is to raise funds for animal helpline dog rescue shelter in Wansford. The rescue saves hundreds of dog lives every year that would have been put to sleep if the shelter had not taken them in and is run on nothing but the help of volunteers that have a massive love and passion for dogs.
The shelter has a play pen where some of the dogs can run around and stretch their legs when they are not in their kennel’s however this playpen is in need of an update to become a safer and more enjoyable environment for the dogs. To see how the play pen looks now just watch the video on the just giving page below.
These dogs deserve to have a safe and enjoyable area to play in everyday so if you can donate anything to go towards this great charity please do so on the page below. Every penny will go such a long way to helping.
Thank you very much for reading our post and please share to spread the word.
Love from all the dogs at the rescue shelter.

George, Kate and Charlotte – Pups looking for homes

George, Kate and Charlotte-4

George, Kate and Charlotte-3
Charlotte and George

These pups mum arrived at the rescue pregnant and had her pups in the care of Animal Helpline.

They are now ready for new homes towards the end of May. Mum is mixed breed, medium sized (about Springer Spaniel size) with quite a thick coat; we think the pups will be similar.

The pups are being cared for in the Rutland area. Please contact  Animal Helpline Dog Rescue 


One of the 4 has been booked, the other 3 – George, Kate and Charlotte, are looking for a home. They need homes with someone about most the day and owners who are committed to training and socialising them. They are all lovely pups and could live with cats, other dogs and respectful children.

George, Kate and Charlotte 4

Tommy’s Diary

Here is a little message from our gorgeous foster boy Tommy telling you all about what he has been up to recently 🙂

Tommy is looking for a very special kind of home with experience. For further info please email lynn@dogsinmind.co.uk

Hello Tommy here – Just taking a break from playing with my doggy mates which is actually when I am happiest, doggy friends are the best as they understand me and I feel so secure when I am with them.

The last few months have been a bit of a roller-coaster ride for me really and I have struggled with all the new sounds and all the new 2 legged humans that always want to touch me and speak to me in a funny language. My 2 mates Bonny & Otto have really helped me to understand that not all of these people are bad and it has been a learning for me watching how they go up to humans easily, so I have just followed them. Bonny is my girlfriend and although she was a bit bossy at first ,like most females she ‘told me what to do & it stopped me being so fearful’ , Otto just likes to play & is a bit dizzy which I love. . We have a lot of different dogs visiting my foster home which I really enjoy especially the younger ones that just want to play.

Tommy 4I will go on a lead quite easily now although I do prefer it if I have doggy friends to walk with. I used to really struggle with doorways/ gateways and I must admit I still find that this can be difficult although my foster mummy says I have really improved and just need to keep trying.

I am much happier in the sitting room now with the TV although if my foster dad has one of those loud films on I do tend to run back into the kitchen although I am getting better.

I am really happy with my foster mummy who will brush me daily, looks at my ears / teeth to make sure I get used to being handled. I really feel comfortable with her but I sometimes still struggle with my foster daddy, although he always has really tasty treats so I will often pop over to see him for some.

Tommy 2Life is getting better and I know that for a family to consider re-homing me I am going to have to relax more to fit in with the human world although I sometimes wonder if I will ever be able to completely be like my mates Bonny & Otto , I have all 4 paws crossed that one day I will be like them.

I have a dream : To live the rest of my life with a pack of doggy friends and some 2 legged friends who will love me.

Signing off now as 2 new doggy friends have just arrived for their holidays and I need to go and welcome them.

Tommy x